5 Unhealthy Behaviors of Nurses in the Hospital

A great deal of the day is spent in the workplace, and it is subconscious that workplace behaviors transition into “everyday life” attributes. When working, it is human nature to want to “do our best” and to “be our best”. It makes sense to assume that the behaviors exhibited at work are “good” and they should be carried over into other aspects of life. But, this is not always the case.

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5 Reasons Nurses Don’t Want to Lead

Some nurses and caregivers are hesitant to be nurse leaders. They are reluctant to be in charge and manage the nursing station or a particular department. The mere thought of leading a group and delivering life-changing decisions can be frightening. Hence, they create various excuses just to avoid it.

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How Do You Make the Most Out of Teamwork in Nursing?

When you’re overwhelmed by tasks, does anyone notice? Can you approach anyone for help? If the answer is no, maybe teamwork in your nursing unit can be improved. And this is commonly due to two reasons—unclear expectations and a focus on weakness.

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6 Guidelines to Become an Effective Charge Nurse

You are a great nurse and you know it. You are right at home on your unit and work reasonably well with your colleagues. You have found decent middle ground within which to co-exist with most of the doctors and you’re an unlikely target for bullies.

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6 Fiduciary Duties of a Real Estate Agent

The relationship between a real estate agent and a client is called a fiduciary relationship. Fiduciary means faithful servant, and an agent is a fiduciary of the client. In real estate, a broker or a salesperson can be the agent of a seller or a buyer

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Real Estate and The Ethical Dilemma

Ethics is defined as “a system of moral principles.” It is perhaps one of the most important qualities of any professional to have strong ethics, as one cannot succeed without them. The field of real estate is no exception to this rule; in fact, the real estate practitioner is bound by a code of ethics. But are these ethical codes really enforced?

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Leadership Skills for Nurse Managers: Demonstrate Credibility

Credibility has been called the foundation of nurse leadership for one very simple reason: People are most inspired by and willing to follow a leader who is credible in their eyes. It is when you inspire trust and respect in others; when your subordinates believe in your judgment and decision-making skills.

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