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Case Results

Clinical social worker accused of threatening another staff member

In this matter our client was accused of making extreme threatening remarks to another staff member that caused her to fear for her safety. In our ability to provide evidence that contradicted the complainants testimony we were able to close the case at the board level.

Registered Nurse received a formal complaint from IDFPR

In this matter our client received a complaint that she was sleeping on her shift while a patient drank cleaning fluid and expired. We did a complete investigation into every detail of the night in question and prepared our client for a board meeting. The case was closed.

Clinical counselor accused of deleting patient records

In this matter our client was accused by her school of deleting all of the records pertaining to her patient/students after she left her job. Through research we were able to establish that the school IT department was aware of technical difficulties with our client’s hard drive and that our client was not the only individual with access to her computer. Furthermore, we were able to establish that our client provided hard copies of the records to the school before she left her job. The case was closed.

Registered nurse was given a Notice of Intent to deny her license based on criminal background and lack of disclosure on her application

In this matter our client failed to disclose that she had a retail theft conviction from Sears in her background when applying for a nurse license. Our firm was able to get her an unrestricted license without even having to appear for a board meeting.

Petition to Restore License

In this matter our client’s administrative staff forgot to renew his individual and company license with an extreme amount of money in deals pending. He was given notice of expired status. I was personally able to drive three (3) hours to Springfield and remain in the IDFPR licensing unit office all day until his license was restored. The normal process would have taken at least 3 months.

Roofer received a complaint from IDFPR that she used unlicensed workers

In this matter our client received a complaint that the OSHA found unlicensed roofing work taking place at a property in Mahomet, Illinois. Furthermore, before hiring us our client was sent a consent order in the mail asking her to accept a public reprimand and a $3,000.00 fine. After our research into the case and requesting a board conference the matter was closed with no discipline or fine.

Registered Nurse accused of drug diversion at HCR Manorcare

In this matter our client received a complaint to IDFPR regarding alleged drug diversion. We prepared our client and appeared with her at her board meeting and closed her case. An updated evaluation was submitted.

Physician accused of unprofessional conduct

Our client received a notice of intent to deny his license application for alleged “unprofessional conduct”: On an unknown date in 2011, a complaint was filed against Applicant with the state medical board of Ohio, alleging applicant failed to disclose a 1989 arrest for driving while intoxicated. Following an investigation, the state medical board of Ohio determined that applicant failed to answer its application questions in a correct and candid manner.

In this case, we researched the Ohio medical board statutes and determined that though our client submitted an application in Ohio in 2011, it had not officially been “processed”, since the Ohio board requested more information about the DUI, and therefore he had time to withdraw the Ohio application prior to it being actionable. Because of our research and submision thereof to IFDPR, it granted our client a license with no restrictions.

Real Estate Broker received formail complaint

Real Estate Broker received a 5 count formal complaint alleging that while the designated managing broker, she signed the listing agreement for a property. The listing agreement contained the wrong managing broker’s name and omitted certain information, including the listing price and the seller’s name. Respondant failed to properly supervise a sponsored licensee who provided inaccurate information to a potential buyer, made premature changes to the listing in the MLS, and failed to tender an offer in a timely manner.

In this matter, 3 licensees were named in the formal complaint, and in an informal conference we were able to provide evidence that our client, although managing brokers, was not and could not be responsible. Our client received a non-reportable non-disciplinary order.

Appraiser had a two Count Complaint filed against her for allegedly making errors and or omissions contributing to a “misleading report.”

In this matter we requested an informal conference with the appraisal board and after preparing the client for what issues the board was looking for we were able to close the case with no discipline.

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