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James B. Goldberg & Associates is a law firm that focuses on all matters at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. 

Experts in our field

Our practice includes: former IDFPR Prosecutors, former Cook County State’s Attorneys, and Attorney’s who have been handling matters at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation since the 1980s. 

Firm philosophy

Our philosophy is to allow our clients to have the peace of mind and a comfort level that we focus primarily in the area of Professional Licensing and Criminal matters. Whether you are a physician, a nurse, a chiropractor, a dentist, a pharmacist, a real estate broker, an appraiser, a detective, a funeral director or any other licensee under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, you can trust that we focus on your area of licensure. Your Professional License is your livelihood and it will always be our primary goal to protect that interest for you and your family. 

Professional licensing services

Our services include, but are not limited to the following areas: aiding in the application process, denial of applications, notices of disciplinary conference, formal complaints, investigations, administrative hearings and administrative reviews of disciplinary adjudications. 

Professional licensing is a very specific area of law. Our ability to focus on this area has allowed our firm to obtain successful results for our clients.

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Meet the Attorneys

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling sensitive professional licensing matters in Illinois. 

Whether you need help with your license application, an ongoing investigation, or you simply have questions about your license, James B. Goldberg & Associates can help you find answers.

James B. Goldberg

James B. Goldberg

Jim is the founding attorney of James B. Goldberg & Associates and has focused on professional licensing for over 16 years. .

Joshua B. Kutnick

Joshua B. KutnickJosh is Of Counsel to James Goldberg & Associates. Read Joshua B. Kutnick's full bio.

Martin LaScola

Martin LaScola

Martin is a former Cook County State's Attorney. Read Martin LaScola's full bio.

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NIU logoJames is happy to announce he is now a guest lecturer at the Northern Illinois University School of Nursing and Health Studies.

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Congratulations to James B. Goldberg on having been named as guest speaker at the Capital Area School of Practical Nursing.

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James was also pleased to have recently been a guest lecturer at the Emergency Nurses Association, speaking to over 100 students.

If you are interested in having James speak at your event, please call (312) 735-1185 or email info@goldberglicensing.com.

Can James B. Goldberg & Associates help?

If your profession is regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, then James B. Goldberg & Associates has the expertise you are looking for.

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Real estate brokers
  • Appraisers
  • Detectives
  • Funeral directors
  • any other licensee under the jurisdiction of the IDFPR

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Jim is an expert in his craft

Professional licensing is a very specific area of law. James B. Goldberg & Associates' ability to focus on this area has allowed our firm to obtain successful results for our clients.

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Our Services

Applications for examination are screened to determine eligibility based on the education and experience of the applicant. Eligible candidates are scheduled to take the proper examination. Examinations are given at regular intervals depending on the profession. 

Individuals who are already licensed in another state or country may apply for an Illinois license by endorsement from that state or country, or acceptance of that state’s examination. Applicants from other states or countries may not be required to pass an examination in Illinois if they meet requirements set forth in the professional licensing statutes and rules, such as proof of education, testing and experience. 

Our application services include but are not limited to aiding the application process from start to finish, providing documentation pursuant to deficiency checklists, challenging notices to deny license applications and conducting hearings and application informal conferences.

The disciplinary process begins when the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation becomes aware of a complaint against a license. Sources of complaints include members of the public, other licensees, law enforcement agencies, and other government agencies. Irregularities also are discovered by the Department during the course of routine enforcement activities including but not limited to violations of probation, renewal application issues and during investigations. Once reviewed, complaints are assigned to a Department investigator. 

The investigator is responsible for determining if there has been a potential violation of a licensing law, or Department rules and regulations. After developing the facts in cases there appears to be a violation, the investigator refers the case to a prosecuting attorney. Our services cover the entire investigative process. 

 Our firm will communicate with the investigator on your behalf, advise you how to comply with the investigation and prepare you and accompany you in all investigative meetings required.

In instances where a formal hearing is required, a formal complaint is filed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. On application and renewal cases a hearing is requested by the licensee within a certain time frame adopted by statute after the Department denies or refuses. The hearing is held before the respective professional board or committee and the Department administrative law judge. The hearing is an administrative law proceeding conducted pursuant to the Illinois Civil Administrative Code and other relevant statutes and rules. 

Our services involve all stages of the Disciplinary Hearing, including but not limited to: reviewing and answering the formal complaint, appearing in court for all status hearings and pre-hearings, drafting motions and pleadings on your behalf, reviewing and providing discovery and preparing you for and conducting the hearing.

After the hearing, the board or committee delivers to the Director its findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Disciplinary action may include termination of a license, revocation, suspension, probation, reprimand, and censure. The license may also be ordered to remain in good standing or an application/renewal be granted with no restrictions. 

In addition, Illinois law allows for the imposition of fines for any professions regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. When ordering disciplinary action, the Director often accepts the recommendation of the board or committee but is not required to do so. Following a final decision by the Director, the licensee has 35 days to make an appeal in circuit court under the Illinois Administrative Review Act. 

Our services include all stages of your administrative review including but not limited to: filing a complaint for administrative review and all supporting briefs, appearing in chancery court for a Petition to Stay the Director’s Order and Arguing your appeal in chancery court. Our firm will also appeal all chancery decisions to higher court if necessary.

Spotlight on Healthcare

As a result of servicing our healthcare licensees for so many years we have developed an expertise in all areas that relate to healthcare providers.

How James B. Goldberg & Associates helps healthcare providers

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other provider audits 
  • Medicaid and Medicare audits and Termination Proceedings 
  • DEA and FBI investigations 
  • Quitam Lawsuits
  • Federal Kickback issues 
  • Setting up medical practices 
  • Covenants not to compete 
  • Medical Quality Review actions 

Our firm handles cases throughout the State of Illinois including: the Chicagoland area, the Quad cities, the St. Louis area, and Central and Southern Illinois.